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Murano, Francesco

Murano, Francesco

Francesco Murano is an Architect, specializing in Industrial Design, He is passionate about architectural composition, light, theater and technology, and is used to dealing with the great masters of painting. Francesco Murano is author of the lights that have illuminated the most important art exhibitions in Italy. During 2017 he curated the lighting enhancement of major art exhibitions such as Giovanni Boldini's in Turin, Escher in Catania, Frida Kahlo in Bologna, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in Verona, Keith Haring at Palazzo Reale and Vassilij Kandinskij at Mudec . He was also involved in the masterful lighting of the Pala Gozzi at Palazzo Marino - a masterpiece of the Italian 16th century painting by Titian - and in the enhancement of the Escher retrospective at the Museu de Arte Popular in Lisbon.

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