Collection: Catellani, Enzo

The creative career of Enzo Catellani is well known, and his lighting is a demonstration of his past ability and his ever evolving creativity. On the contrary, little has been spoken of his private life and what led him to develop these abilities. Is creativity inborn? On the one hand, yes, and on the other, it is stimulated by situations that surround us. Inactivity does not lead to creation. External activity, but above all the internal tangle of sensations and feelings lead us to create something. And this is the case for Enzo Catellani. Rebellious, obstinate, but often also introverted and fearful of the world, Enzo Catellani aimed for a future that was diametrically opposed to his origins, which led him, in a few years, to try and achieve everything that he was able to imagine. Advanced technology combined with forms that are too simple and at times too elaborate are the meeting point between what the artist was and what he could have been. It is from this that, in 1989, Enzo Catellani established Catellani & Smith, today one of the leading companies in the contemporary lighting sector.
Catellani, Enzo