Collection: Bettonica & Melocchi

Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi founded the innovative Italian design brand Cini & Nils in 1969. The two designers saw an opportunity to bring their creations directly to the market, and so began the story of Cini & Nils. A variety of unique designs were developed by the combined efforts of Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi, many of which have since been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA). The (MoMA) collection has included Bar, Table and Desk ranges, their swivel Magazine Stand, the Cubobar and their Game Table. Towards the end of the seventies, as international design trends evolved, Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi explored new areas, creating the first Cini & Nils lighting collection. The objects and furnishings are no longer in production, but the lighting collection has grown and developed ever since.
Bettonica & Melocchi