Collection: Armani, Monica

Monica Armani, a name that has become a brand, internationally recognized and respected, is informed by the precision of geometry, the purity and consistency of design, and the spatial relationships and details that are unique to architecture. Monica Armani and Luca Dallabetta form the consummate partnership, in life, they've been married for 20 years, and in business, throughout their careers. A harmonious team that travels a well-defined, specific path, consistently driven towards new horizons. Research, experimentation and innovation, as applied to design and architecture, are their road map. If the Monica Armani style is to approach each architectural or design project with an obsessive eye for the perfection of form and function, then Luca Dallabetta devotes himself to the in depth study of the technical aspects, identifying the technological solutions and materials best suited to the project itself, thus devising novel applications and new avenues of expression. Two approaches that become one, where the boundaries between the technical and aesthetic formal aspects seem to dissolve. They share a special understanding and identity of viewpoints that leads them, even when starting from different points of view, to converge on a single idea, with a stylistic expression that has become recognizable in the panorama of international design. Moderation, a shunning of the superfluous, lucid essentiality, experimentation, modernity, precision - this is the stylistic signature of Monica Armani.
Armani, Monica