Collection: Barbieri, Raul

Raul Barbieri was born in Milan in 1946. After taking a degree in Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic, he began work, and in 1989 founded his own practice in Milan which specialised in design, corporate identity and architectural planning. The design and realisation of a scheme of semi-detached houses in Milan, in the Citt Studi area, which was presented in London at the Golden Compass ADI Architectural Design exhibition, date back to this period. Barbieri has co-operated with various design schools and has held short courses on design at the Ecole Nationale Suprieure de Cration Industrielle, LES ATELIERS of Paris and the European Design Institute of Milan. He has had a long-standing co-operation with ADI, the Association for Industrial Design in his capacity as co-ordinator of the department of designers. Many of his designs have been awarded prizes or selected in major international design competitions.
Barbieri, Raul